Chocolate Banana Brunch

Chocolate Banana Brunch

Yesterday I took the day off from my day job to collect my son from the airport. I’m sure you all have been through the ordeal of an airport pick up, and this airport pick up meant the drive to JFK! I was in need of some serious energy boost before heading out.chocolate_350x274

All you need is:

A blender

Frozen bananas, the riper the better (see previous facebook post)

Mixed berries, frozen is fine if not in season

Maca root powder

Soaked chia seeds

Cacao powder

Apple cider or fresh pressed apple juice

It was exactly the rich superfood energy boost required to tackle New York roadways. My son arrived safely and we made it back home in time for dinner. Just in time for me to eat in the comfort and safety of my own kitchen again!

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