Eating On The Move

On the morning commute, waiting at stop signs and traffic lights I find myself observing drivers eating! Not only a few quick nibbles but a whole breakfast straight off the dashboard! Impressive maybe? But impressed, NO.

Digestion begins with the first sight and smell of the food. Then when the slow chewing process begins, the salvia and digestive enzymes begin to break down the nutrients from the food. Remember that this is the only time your body gets to chew food, you do not have jaws in your stomach! So make it last and savor the flavors, make a┬áconscience note of the textures and sensations you are experiencing. Proper chewing means that you maximize the nutrient adsorption, decrease the chance of reflux or heartburn and most importantly you are less likely to over eat. Chewing takes time, Try chewing each bite 25 times, it’s hard work! This also means you won’t have that overstuffed bloated feeling that comes with excess.

So the next time you find yourself grabbing food on the go, remember:

  • Digestion starts with the senses
  • Chew each bite 25 times
  • Proper chewing means you will eat less
  • Eating is a joy, make time to experience it’s sensations


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