Rainbow Juice

Rainbow Juice

Typically this is my morning juice. Every nutrient dense juice should include fresh greens. Here it is kale and flat leaf parsley and spinach. Greens are a good source of vitamin A, C and K. They are also packed full of minerals such as calcium and iron, a great source of folate and fiber. I add the carrot, and apples for a natural sweet touch and a glossy almost ‘creamy’ texture. Ginger and lemon offer a “hot n sour” tang. Finally the celery and cucumber round out the crisp, clean flavors, making the juice the ultimate thirst quenching gulp!

Preparation is the key to starting your day with a fresh juice. Go shopping a few days before and have the produce in your fridge. Usually I have the greens washed the night before. Ginger, lemon, carrot, celery and cucumber can all be chopped before-hand too. You will need a juicer! The ingredient are pushed through the juicer in no particular order, although I do find I can get more of the green out if I start with an apple then alternate with the leafy greens. The only problem is cleaning your juicer machine………….but it’s well worth the effort to gain some of these fantastic benefits!

Here are just some of the benefits to your body; 

Greens; heart health, may prevent certain types of cancers, low in fat, high in fiber, recommended dose for teens, about ½ a cup every day

Celery; liver and spleen cleansing, relief of arthritis symptoms, treat the common cold

Cucumber; nervous system, kidney cleansing, boost cells to produce energy

Ginger; improves digestion

Carrots; vitamin A, eye health

Lemon; Great for the skin and nails, exfoliates the pores,  naturally detoxifying

Apples; Acid reflux relief

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